Monday, April 20, 2015

Design Ideas for Teenagers Room - Bunk Beds

Tiramolla is a very known brand of interior design; drawings or models used space-saving characteristic is reflected in a beautiful and modern design. When children are in training, need more places to exercise their age-specific activities, such as inviting friends, games, study, and practice their hobby, or any other activity .. and if teenagers bedroom in question is small, especially if they are in the same room two or more teens should think of bunk beds or lofts that would prove helpful.

We present a set of models for teenagers bedrooms that are designed specifically for each type of child. Tiramolla make bunk beds and loft designed as a creative solution for small bedrooms, common in homes with adolescents in idea to save space. In this article you will find a collection of different models of bunk beds and lofts. With bunk beds in very small spaces, you can place multiple pieces of furniture such as desks study, cloakroom, even two or more beds and that without sacrificing important pieces of furniture.


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