Sunday, April 19, 2015

Home Office Feng Shui Style

To have an organized office as recommended proclaim this style to be effective and to have a balanced energy balance, it would be better to follow the following tips.

  • First of all, the office must always be positioned facing the pathname or when this is not possible, at least from the side, but never from behind. However, avoid to stay fixed in the middle of the room, just to let the energy to circulate freely. 
  • Secondly, don't give to your desk the white color, but rather use complementary colors in shades of yellow, blue, green. Also, do not be afraid to use accessories in different materials, plastic, wood and stone, just to emphasize the idea of balance.

  • Create a focal point. This can be simply your office work as well but can be any object that can attract attention. The idea behind this recommendation is to prevent unnecessary energy dissipation.
  • Use your full of natural light. At night, avoid cold light (because you can disturb sleep and physiological circadian cycles controlled by the autonomic brain) and use rather warm light bulbs.
  • Don't fill the workspace of unnecessary accessories, just because they attract negative energies, energies that should not wander off to concentrate in a closed space.


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