Sunday, April 19, 2015

What Elegance Means in 2015?

What is the new meaning of elegance in design? How is an elegant home defined in this upcoming year that promises even more advancements than we ever thought possible a more ten years ago?

We are all familiar with a modern home, filled with…well, filled with very little. It seems we have gone to the opposite end of the design spectrum, shunning everything ‘fussy’ and going bare bones.

This minimalist aesthetic has its benefits: no clutter, very little dusting and cleaning (since there are few items to collect dust), simple hard-surface floors, and perhaps a feeling of relief when one walks in the door after a hectic city commute. We believe that elegance in 2015 is all about clean lines, and clean lines can be achieved within most modern homes by avoiding clutter and keeping furnishings simple (think: the extreme opposite of baroque styling).

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits of the minimalist home, there are still many (this writer included) who want to be surrounded by objects they love; they want a home that is clean and modern yet remains ‘homey'; they want their knick-knacks out; they want a few piles of well-loved books here and there.

Clean lines are certainly topping the list in terms of elegance, but it doesn’t mean that you must have a minimalist home in order to attain elegance. Certainly a home that is layered in culture, color and personality is elegant.


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