Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cool Mosaic for Your Home

Did you know that first appeared of mosaics 3500 years ago? They were used to decorate temples and palaces and houses of nobles and rich people. Paradoxically, despite the technological revolution, the manual technique of creating a mosaic has evolved a lot, being made piece by piece by the patient and skilled people.

Frequently, when it comes to mosaic, we think the first time on bathrooms, somehow rightly, because at least in the urban world, the bathroom is the most easily customized due to the insulating properties. For example, can be placed in the shower or around the mirror and on the floor, noting that the mosaic on the floor may favor slipping, depending on the type of material used.

However, you can place the plated mosaic walls in the kitchen, around the bars, but very important, can be placed outside. Certain types of mosaic may be placed in the pool, mentioning that there have smaller parts, concave, in order to prevent slipping in the water. Instead, exterior walls can be decorated beautifully, and access roads. No need for marble necessarily, because it can be used plastic and glass, but must be solid, held together by a hydrophobic binder.


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