Friday, February 13, 2015

How Can You Decorate a Small Bathroom

Spaces for bathrooms in apartments are usually quite small and for this reason when it comes to arrange baths we face many problems. You can inspire from these photos that harmonizes bold color combinations with special finishes and decorative interesting ideas.

Back to Black

Small bathrooms are great places to try very dark nuances that otherwise avoid. When you have a lot of natural light you can choose black as a base color.

Mirror Illusion

Glass shower doors give the illusion of space in small bathrooms, allowing you to admire around the room from wall to wall.

Sink Pedestal

Using a pedestal (foot) to sink creates the illusion of extra space at floor level. The walls of the bathrooms very small room bring warmth and texture.

Look up!

If floor space is limited, do not forget to look up! You can do as your bathroom appear larger, if you put out the ceiling height. Here's a way you can do this using round mirrors.

Warm Colors

Warm colors give a feeling of space small bathrooms.


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