Sunday, February 15, 2015

Modern Decoration for a Bathroom with Personality

When we think to arrange the bathroom we want to create a modern decor, but at the same time be more original and more comfortable. You must be careful to provide all the functions you need for everything to be within your reach anytime. We strongly recommend choosing colors of the tiles or the faience according to your personality or state of mind. At the same time you can use decorative architectural details or around the tub or mirror over the sink. They will confer that vintage flair that is needed in a nostalgic bathroom.

Don't forget cabinets for storage. You really need to have a shelf for placing bath towels for hands or cleaning products. In general the most common is the closet which supports the sink and it hosts all cleaning products. Towel cabinet you can put in a corner, possibly to sew under the order to fit perfectly in this space.


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