Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shoffice:The Dream of Every Freelancer

If you work from home or are you going to do this step in the future, then you need to see Shoffice project. Created by people from Platform 5 Architects, this office "Garden" is the ideal job for any freelancer, especially as it offers privacy and tranquility, but also a small terrace for those who want to go out with laptop outside.

The pavilion has a nice and modern design,  and besides intimacy offers two essential advantages: a very good natural light and a small terrace. The entire pavilion was built of oak timber. The wood was treated against weathering and moisture barrier (as a matter of fact, the picture was taken in London, a city very rainy), so there is no problem in this regard.

Those who designed this office has created the possibility of plugging in electric current network and possibilities to mount the light sources without affecting in any way the structure of the pavilion. At this time, the office is in a position of concept. It was built only one prototype, 100% functional, following that as this kind of pavilions will become more popular.


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