Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kitchens for 2015

In new year 2015, the kitchens are not made just for cooking but for several things simultaneously like conversations, dining, socialize or festivities.
First of all, we need to bring much color in kitchen and don't be affraid to use an esthetic contrast that you long dreamed about. Secondly, we need more light in order to keep up with the cooking adventures. And last, but not the least, we don't have to forgote abotut shelves, as much as you can place for more storage of glass and plates.
Vertical cabinets are on trend too this year, so we need to say  goodbye to the orizontals. Designers added these types of cabients for all nonconformist people who are ready to make different kind of changes anytime, no matter is about kitchen or life. The floor from porcelain is popular this year and are available a multitude of colors and textures.
What trend do you want to add to your kitchen this year?


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