Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rustic Dining Room

If the kitchen is the heart of a house, dining room must be the stomach, and we must to admit that the ambiance should influence, in a good way, the guests. The food will taste different if you'll decorate the room in a rustic way, highlight the well maintained house which always be alive. If we look just a bit in the past, we will not see a house without a dining room, because is the most important room in the house who brings all family to serve breakfast, lunch or diner. Today, a lot of people live in bloks, forced by circumstances, and the dining room moved to the smallest kichens. But, the modern apartments allow construction of a dining room, either in a speccialy designed room, even more in a spacious living room. We hope that these ideas to be useful for you!

The Rustic look is a perfect balance of masculinity and femininity. You take the simple and unsophisticated woodsy elements of country living and add a feminine touch by complimenting and giving each piece a voice.

Keep your walls and furniture light in weight and color, unfinished and whimsical in nature. Think bare essentials, and the more imperfections the better! Add textural interest with a soft faux finished wall, an antique area rug, or by stenciling a simple pattern on the doors of your hutch and/or buffet.


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